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Dezsényi Ügyvédi Iroda

The attorneys of Dezsényi Law Firm believe that law is not an end in itself but a tool to make the world around us better. They say that if we don't spend our days and use our abilities to make things better, then why bother?

They strive to make the law accessible and understandable to their clients, providing clear and understandable answers to complex legal questions and offering guidance in seemingly unsolvable legal situations.

They believe that 20 years of expertise, a culture of honest work combined with genuine goodwill enables their clients to achieve their goals.

They also believe that Justice should be blind and that the most important social responsibility of lawyers is to work towards its practical implementation. The greatest compliment for them is when a client remembers them after the closure of the case as attorneys who kept their promises.


Dr. Dezsényi Attila

Dr. Attila Dezsényi LL.M. attorney-at-law

Above a law degree he also has qualifications as an economist, tax advisor, and labour law expert, and of course holds a bar certification. Before becoming an attorney, he gained work experience in a corporate, multinational environment. He communicates and works fluently in English. Clients appreciate the care and attention he puts into each of his work, combining his extensive experience and knowledge.

His background is diverse, interesting, and in line with his chosen field of activity. He has a proactive attitude. His main area of expertise for over 15 years has been representing mid-sized and large corporate clients in labour law, corporate law, and commercial law, but he is also familiar with agricultural land and other real estate transactions. Clients like him because he is business-like if necessary, easy-going when possible, but always confident, fast, and entirely entertaining.


Dr. Dezsényi Edit Éva

Dr. Edit Éva Dezsényi attorney-at-law

Above a law degree she also has a parallel acquired degree in German Philology in addition to her legal education. Of course, she also has a bar certification. Her opinions are shaped with meticulous attention to every detail, but once she is convinced of the justice of a case, she takes it on with a resolute will and a level of drive that is rarely seen in real life. There is no doubt about her kindness and empathetic sense, but she is also fearfully sharp-minded person who always sees through the situation and inflames with anger when she or her client is treated like a fool.

Her main area of expertise is family law, but she also navigates smoothly in real estate transactions and the business and company transactions of micro- and small businesses. Although she likes the law, she would rather talk about her cats, children, or music. She has encyclopaedic knowledge about healthy eating, especially slow-digesting carbohydrates, which is essential for the long-term operation of a law firm.


What do we actually offer for our multinational corporate clients?

Our law firm has 15+ years of experience working with automotive suppliers in an international corporate environment. Our clients have US, German, Japanese and Dutch ownership backgrounds, which has given us a wide range of experience in different corporate cultures over the years. Equipped with this experience, English and German language skills and the relevant legal expertise, our law firm provides complex legal services of medium-sized companies and Hungarian subsidiaries of large international corporations in West-Hungarian region and in Budapest.

The complex legal representation is formally based on a long-term mandate, which allows the company to use the assistance of a lawyer at the time when decisions are made, not only when the problem has already arisen and needs to be corrected.

In practice, complex legal representation means that the lawyer is in continuous contact with the company's management, at the company's headquarters or premises if necessary, and provides a consultative role when decisions are taken (e.g. concluding supplier contracts, claiming damages, termination of employment, etc.). The longer the relationship with the client, the less time is needed to be involved, as the lawyer does not need to be re-acquainted with the business environment and other circumstances. However, experience has shown that this is a cost-effective solution, as the cost of a long-term mandate is fixed and therefore predictable. The advantage for the company is that the lawyer is responsible for advocacy of the company's decision, which has been taken in accordance with legal advice, in legal proceedings if necessary.

Dr. Dezsényi Edit Éva

Complex legal solutions for medium-sized and multinational companies

  • Subsidiary establishment
  • Acquisitions
  • Company registration changes
  • Capital transactions
  • Company spin-off and merger
  • Drafting contracts, monitoring supplier contracts
  • Broad range of labour law support,
  • Labour law training for managerial personnel
  • Providing legal support during negotiations

Issues related to the everyday running of the company

Commercial law covers the legal services required for the everyday operations of our corporate clients. This is the essence of the company's business, and in fact the core of our activities to support it.

Our clients include Hungarian subsidiaries of multinational corporations, as well as small start-ups in industries as wide-ranging as poultry farming, electric go-kart manufacturing, food raw material production and automotive supply. We have clients who have their own legal team, and we act as an extension of their team. Other clients work with us as in-house counsel. The majority of our clients' mandates are on a fixed monthly fee basis - and to be honest, we actually like that, because it means that no one has to think about how much the lawyer will charge. The fixed monthly fee structure allows us to focus our attention on the details of the business and become a part of the commercial process.

What does this mean in daily practice? It means drafting, reviewing and, where necessary, negotiating a wide range of contracts; drafting easy-to-use, simple-language standard form contracts; advising on the legal aspects of small to large commercial decisions; ensuring that our clients comply with the legal requirements governing their business; and highlighting the legal risks and helping to manage them before they can affect our clients.

Engage our commercial law service, which is fast, pragmatic and efficient, and you'll wonder how you ever got by without us.

Legal activities related to the everyday operation of the company

  • drafting contracts
  • checking contracts drawn up by third parties (suppliers, customers)
  • providing in-person legal support during negotiations
  • representing the company before the authorities
  • representing the company in court proceedings

Labour law issues

You cannot live without employees...

But we know this is the most frustrating area of law for any employer. It is complex and wide-ranging. Wage rules with applicable bonuses, rules on the scheduling of employees' working and rest time, collective agreements, rules on dismissal and the obligation to provide healthy and safe working conditions are just the start. Whether you believe it or not, even if you are the most fair-minded employer in the world, sooner or later you will be faced with employment disputes and will have to spend money that you would not have to spend otherwise on payments to employees or litigation. This may seem unfair to the employer, but experience shows that once a dispute has arisen, it is much more difficult, if not impossible, to avoid negative consequences.

We help employers manage this part of their business risk. We deal with employment law issues on a monthly fee basis, which includes not only document drafting and legal advice, but also litigation in labour disputes.  Upon engagement, we are available to provide legal advice before workplace problems become disputes, which can prevent a significant proportion of labour litigation. An additional benefit for our client is that even in the absence of a dispute, we can prevent the formation of an unlawful employment practice, so that employment situations are handled in a lawful manner, which in itself reduces the risk of legal disputes arising.

Engage our expertise on labour law issues. Let us deal with the legal regulations so you can get quick, brief answers to your complex questions. Let us deal with the legal " what ifs..." so you can focus on the substantive issues.

What is our wide range of employment law support consisting of

  • drafting employment contracts and other documents relating to the employment relationship
  • ensuring compliance with legislation on the organisation of working time and rest periods and the granting of holidays
  • supervising the lawful application of supplementary allowances, supplementary leaves and other working time provisions
  • keeping up to date with changing labour law and preparing the company for its implementation
  • training on labour law for managerial and mid-management staff
  • representation in labour disputes

As part of our complex legal services, we also provide a full range of corporate law services

- subsidiary establishment (if it is necessary to create a new legal entity)

- change of company registration (if there is a change in the name of the company, its registered office, if there is a change in the person of the managing director, supervisory board member, auditor, if a new branch office needs to be registered, if there is a change in the ownership structure, etc.)

- capital operations (increase of share capital, reduction of share capital, increase of share capital with asio, etc.)

- company spin-offs and mergers (restructuring of a division into a new company, or mergers of divisions or mergers following an acquisition)

High level of security for corporate clients

In Hungary, the amount of compulsory liability insurance for attorneys is low, only EUR 37,500 per year. Our firm maintains a liability insurance coverage of EUR 250,000 per year, which corresponds to the needs of our international clientele and is considerable in Hungary. Accordingly, if despite all our care, our client suffers damage due to attorney malpractice, our insurance will compensate the client up to EUR 250,000.

Online connection with the customer

Our law firm has the technological capability to enable online company issues for foreign decision-makers without having to be physically present in Hungary. Using electronic online remote identification, it is possible to handle company legal matters without the need for a personal meeting between the client and the attorney.

Legal services